If you have always dreamt of piloting your own helicopter or are considering a career in aviation, then join us to make your dreams reality & learn to fly with Europe's leading training centre.

Trial Lesson

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If you've always dreamt of piloting your own helicopter, or are considering a career in aviation, a trial lesson will appeal greatly to your adventurous spirit.

Helicopter Pilot Licence (PPL H)

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The Helicopter Private Licence (PPL) is more than a licence to fly – it will become a way of life.

Self Fly Hire

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You have achieved what many people only dream about and if you thought the PPL Licence was fun, then gaining air experience from here on in, is going to blow your mind.

Type Rating Conversion

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Congratulations on your Private Pilots Licence! You have achieved something that many can only dream about!

Mountain Flying

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Located only 5 minutes from the Tramuntana mountain range, the Mountain Flying Course is a MUST for those wanting to improve all aspects of airmanship skills, whilst developing new techniques, in a stunning and picturesque environment.

Commercial Flying Course CPL

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The CPL not only allows you to start earning money it takes your airmanship to that all important professional level.

Flight Instructor Course FI (H)

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Considered one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.  Successful completion of the Flight Instructor Course will allow you a fulfilling, diverse and exciting career ahead.

ICAO English

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The Aviation Industry decided on a common language that must be spoken throughout the world of Aviation. The English language was chosen and as a result all pilots must be able to communicate effectively both face to face and over the radio.

ATPL Exams

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Obtain your ATPL exams with The Helicopter Centre, who is recognised as a leading professional training specialist throughout Europe.